Pet adoption

Tips and answers to most frequently asked questions about adopting a pet

· Dog,Cat

During the pandemic, the numbers of people wanting to adopt a pet skyrocketed, and our team decided to make a life of a new or soon-to-become pet parent a bit easier by creating articles and videos where KeepPet veterinarians answer the most popular questions about adoption.

We have started our series about pet adoption with information on finding a good breeder and a healthy puppy. We didn't forget about the timeline (did you know that it can take up to a year to bring a breeder puppy home?) and the cost of getting a pet.

We also included information about home preparation and even created a checklist for responsible pet owners who want their home to be ready for the new fluffy addition. We also covered the most frequent and important questions about food and vaccinations.

What do I need at home for my new pet? Home preparation for a new pet

And to make sure that pet owners don't forget anything, we have created a list for a newly adopted puppy and kitten.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact KeepPet veterinarians, and enjoy your time with your wonderful pet!