How much does getting a puppy cost?


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How much does it cost to bring a puppy home?

  • Puppies are an investment. When getting a puppy from a reputable breeder, expect to pay thousands of dollars. Keep in mind that a reputable breeder will charge this amount to cover the cost of the testing to ensure good breeding, the information, the expertise they provide. 
  • Puppies require intense care initially (vaccinations, veterinary visits) to ensure their ongoing health. This can cost hundreds of dollars.
  • Most veterinarians these days will also recommend pet insurance to ensure that your puppy is protected. 
  • Puppies require food, treats, enrichment objects (such as toys, puzzles), leashes, crates, etc. 
  • Training and socialization is very important early in a puppy’s life, similar to children attending school. Consider the cost of this training and be prepared for it prior to getting your puppy. Start working with a trainer right away to give your puppy a good start early in life!