General Questions

    What is KeepPet?

    KeepPet is a mobile application developed for Android and iOS systems in order to provide on-demand support access to quick and reliable vet professional advice for pets’ well-being. We boast a worldwide network of vet experts and we continually enable users to get in contact with pet health professionals from anywhere, at any time.

    What is a Vet Chat?

    A vet chat is a Pet Telehealth service that can be accessed through the KeepPet application. The app allows chat with online TeleVets, pet health professionals working remotely.

    What is a digital “Pet Passport”?

    Developed by KeepPet, our Digital Pet Passport supports most popular domesticated pet breeds and it’s currently expanding to the most loved exotic pets. Usage of this passport means to ensure a faster and safer transmission of the most important pet data and faster procedures when in need of pet medical care, border control fees regulation and specific pedigree concerns.

    How to download KeepPet app?

    You can download KeepPet application on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

  • KeepPet Application

    How do I cancel my Chats Plan?

    Monthly subscriptions can be terminated at any time without any additional fee. If you want your monthly Chat Plan not to be renewed, log in to your account, navigate to your "Chat Plan” and click on “unsubscribe”.

    I forgot my KeepPet password

    To retrieve a lost KeepPet password, open the application and click on “forgot password?” We will send you an email with the steps to follow in order to reset your password and create a new one.

    What is a pet passport number?

    The pet passport number works as a link between your pet and the data in its Digital Pet Passport. It’s a unique number that is associated with your pet’s digital passport after verification to be stored on blockchain. It is used to gather the needed information about your pet whenever it is needed, from any location around the world that you grant its access.

    Can I subscribe more than one pet to the application?

    Yes. Accessing the KeepPet application and navigating to the “Pet” screen, you can open a drop down menu where it's possible to add more pets.

    How can I start a chat with a vet expert on the KeepPet app?

    To start a chat with a vet expert it’s simple. Once in the “Vet professional” section of the app, tap on “Request a consultation with a vet”. The app requires between 10 and 30 seconds to send your request to one of our vets and put you in contact right away.

    Why are all vets offline?

    If the message “All vets are offline” appears in the vet search screen this means that you don’t have any remaining chat available. This can happen because all the chats have been used or your purchased Chats Plan has expired. You can buy any needed amount of chats in the store.

    How can I buy more chats with vets?

    More chats are available to purchase in the store of the app. From there you can access your current balance and Chats Plan.

    Where can I find KeepPet’s store?

    To locate the store, navigate to the “Vets” screen and tap on the button at the top, “Chats Plan”. Once here you can access your current subscription.


    Pedigree is a way to make your family even bigger. Connect your pet with its relatives, and create a family tree.

    Can a pet have more than one owner?

    Your pet can have multiple owners inside the KeepPet app. To add more owners, navigate to the "Settings" and in "Pet's representatives" add the email address or phone number of the registered KeepPet user.



    Services Section

    When is it best to use the KeepPet application?

    KeepPet is a mobile application developed to provide quick and reliable help to pet parents noting suspicious and unusual behaviour from their pets. Our worldwide network of certified vets ensures the provision of timely consultation to clarify the reasons for the symptoms encountered and, when necessary, to refer the user to a visit with a local clinic.

    What type of consultation can I request on the KeepPet app?

    Right now our vets can give general advice about cat and dog behaviour, nutrition and help triage the emergency cases.

    Can I order prescriptions online through KeepPet?

    No. Unfortunately KeepPet vets are not allowed to provide prescriptions for pet care through online consultation.

    For what type of pets are KeepPet’s consultations for?

    Our veterinary network consists of professional vet experts specialized in domesticated pets' health care. We are providing daily consultations for dogs and cats of several breeds.

    Does KeepPet offer surgical procedures?

    No. KeepPet is a mobile application designed to provide first aid to all pet parents in need of a prompt and reliable consultation on pet symptoms and distressed behaviours.

    Does KeepPet offer consultation on nutrition?

    Yes. As part of a complete vet professional pet health service we offer nutrition counselling based on your dog's or cat's dietary needs.

    Is KeepPet a 24/7 online service?

    Yes. KeepPet is operated by certified vet experts from all across the globe. We ensure the availability of vet consultation at any time of convenience and need.

    Does KeepPet consult on all dog and cat breeds?

    Yes. Our network of certified vets specialize in several domesticated pet breeds.



    Contacts Section

    How can I contact KeepPet?

    We are looking forward to receiving a line from you! If you need to contact the management for any information please visit the complete contacts list on the Contact page of our website. We strive to respond to all emails, phone calls and social media posts within 72 hours.

    How do I apply for a job at KeepPet?

    If you’re interested in joining our team to revolutionize the pet health industry visit our Careers Page to search for an open position that suits your skills and ambitions. We welcome any talented professional who wants to start or grow a career to contribute to help pets and their parents across the globe.

    How can I leave a review for the KeepPet application?

    We are glad to receive your feedback on your experience using the KeepPet application. You can leave your review on the following link, on Google Play Store and Apple Store.