What do I need at home for my new pet?

Checklist for new pet owners

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What are some essentials to have on hand when expecting a new puppy?

Here is a checklist:

  • Crates, playpens, baby gates to restrict the puppy’s area to help with potty training. Start with crate training the day you bring your new puppy home. 
  • Potty pads, baby wipes, cleaning supplies (including a puppy safe shampoo), grooming supplies including a nail trimmer to start trimming your puppies nails at home. 
  • Toys- including food puzzles, kongs, snuffle mats, tug toys and plushies- to ensure that your puppy has plenty of mental stimulation. Also include safe chew toys. 
  • Keep in mind that your puppy’s teeth and gums are delicate. If you cannot put a dent mark into the chewing object with your thumbnail, it is too hard for our puppy, as they can fracture their teeth. We do not recommend bones, antlers, hooves for this reason. Certain types of bully sticks are ok as long as a puppy is monitored while eating these (puppies can swallow these!).
  • Treats (boiled chicken, small training treats) to help with training, treat bags to carry the food/treats around. 
  • Food.