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    for responsible pet owners

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  • KeepPet - Virtual Telehealth for Dogs and Cats



    How many times have you worried when you saw your pet acting in a way that was not normal for them?


    Wouldn’t it be great if you could just pick up the phone anytime or text a professional to learn what could be going on with your pet?


    We get it! We’ve been there and that’s why we have created KeepPet. We don’t want anyone to feel helpless when they see their loving pet in despair.


    KeepPet gives you the peace of mind that you have always wanted when it comes to giving your pet what they need, when they need it.

  • KeepPet - online vet for your pet



    Emergency visits to a vet can cost you up to thousands and thousands of dollars and in most cases turn out to not be an emergency at all.


    KeepPet eliminates unnecessary visits in the middle of the night to the vet for a low cost. Relief for your heart, pet, and wallet in a hurry.


    KeepPet is your first line of defense to help assess the urgency of your situation.


    Need advice but don’t have a veterinarian you can speak with? We’ve got you covered, instantly.

  • Spend more time with your pet



    We’ve all had that moment where we want to get in to see the vet but there isn’t an appointment open for weeks, and that doesn’t work in the case of an emergency.


    We’re here to change that with KeepPet, as our pets deserve the quality service we also receive.


    KeepPet is a mobile and handy solution available to you whether you have a busy schedule at work or you’re about to enjoy a deserved vacation.

  • Pet's passport



    No longer will you need to spend hours on the phone having records faxed from office to office. They’ll all be in one easy to access location, allowing the vet to better help right away.


    Create a global digital pet passport that can be shared within the KeepPet’s global veterinarian network and become easily accessible at any moment from any location.


    Explore your pet’s family tree, and highlight your pet’s achievements.

  • Responsible pet owner


    KeepPet is not just an app or a service, it’s a global community of pet owners and veterinary professionals who share their passion of making this world a safe and happy place for our pets.

    We share the latest news, scientific approach and innovation with our community.


    Not only will a vet’s advice be at your fingertips but you can also read about the latest and greatest in veterinary medicine.

  • KeepPet Academy



    In order to be a responsible pet owner, you need to have some knowledge about your pet’s health, nutrition, training.


    To make it happen, we collaborate with exceptional pet specialists: veterinarians, pet trainers, nutritionists, to deliver the latest and most reliable information to pet owners.

    KeepPet Academy is your trusted source of pet care information. Vet-authored articles about pet health, behavior, nutrition and care.




    Launch the app to and add your pets data to automatically create your digital pet passport.



    Navigate to “Veterinarian” and tap the button to start searching for a vet.



    Whenever starting an online consultation, your pet passport will be visible to the veterinarian you’re speaking with.

  • Unsure of your pet’s symptoms?

    Contact our veterinarians to have expert advice in relation to:

    • Pet’s health
    • Pet nutrition
    • Dental care
    • Infectious disease
    • Poisoning
    • Unusual behavior
    • Injuries & recovery
  • KeepPet is a globally active service for anytime you need counseling on your pet health or you’re unsure whether to visit the vet clinic or not. We recommend using this app to triage the symptoms and unusual behaviors found in your pet. It doesn’t matter where you are, or the time on the clock, KeepPet is there for you 24/7!

    KeepPet is a service that provides answers to everyday questions about your pet's wellness, but it is not a substitute for in-office exams or for regular veterinary care. Veterinarians on KeepPet do not provide diagnosis or prescribe medications. If you think your dog, cat or any other pet presents a serious medical condition or requires urgent care, please contact your local veterinary hospital immediately. This service is not a consultation and therefore does not replace face-to-face service, does not provide diagnostics and does not prescribe medications. Its purpose is only to provide guidance to its users.

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