Helping Pets in Ukraine

More than 4 million Ukrainian refugees fled the country, escaping horrific war. Unfortunately, pets are not always a priority when your life is at stake, and sometimes they just run away amid blasting bombs. There are courageous people who are not willing to leave animals behind and still try their best to find food and shelter for those who are certainly against the war.

Here are a few of the shelters that need your support at this dark hour:

120 volunteer in 103 shelters where 12 000 homeless animals are treated and taken care of.

Help Pets in Ukraine: Happy Paw Foundation Shelter

IFAW is committed to helping the people and animals impacted by the crisis in Ukraine. They are working with partners in Ukraine and neighboring areas to care for animals in shelters, zoos, and sanctuaries, and helping refugees in Poland who are coming across the border from Ukraine with their pets by delivering pet food and veterinary supplies.

Help Pets in Ukraine: International Fund for Animal Welfare

Ukrainian animal rights organization. UAnimals helps animals during the war in Ukraine.

Help Pets in Ukraine: Ukrainian animal rights organization

There are almost 3300 animals at the Sirius shelter, so it takes a lot of resources and effort to feed and take care of them every day.

Help Pets in Ukraine: Sirius Shelter

A family of exotic and wild animal veterinarians has decided to stay in Ukraine and help all the animals affected by the war.

Help Pets in Ukraine: Vet Crew