What food and how much should a puppy eat


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What type of food should a puppy eat? How much should a puppy eat?

  • Due to a recent study from UC Davis regarding grain free diets and boutique diets causing certain heart conditions in dogs, veterinarians recommend feeding a kibble that is complete and balanced. Look for a puppy specific formula; depending on your puppy (small breed vs large breed) their nutritional requirements may be quite different. Look for an AAFCO statement on the bag of food. 
  • Raw food is not recommended as it is usually not complete and balanced for growth. The puppy immune system is also very fragile, and they are more prone to bacterial and parasitic infections from uncooked foods. 
  • Most bags have feeding directions based on your puppy’s current age and approximate adult weight. Follow these directions on the bag and have your veterinarian assess your puppy’s overall health condition when they go in for their first visit.

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