Our first milestone: a month of KeepPet App

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Exciting times are coming for pet lovers and the virtual veterinary services. We decided to offer to all of you a recap of our thrilling last month.

What you already know: we are KeepPet, the pet care startup based in Los Angeles and we are striving to bring new innovative tools for remote veterinary - What’s new? Our mobile app is finally available in the stores!

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The App is available in the App Store and Google Play

It all started two years ago when, as a tight team, we decided to sit, brainstorm, and discuss the constraints in pet care. All coming from different industry spheres, from Project Management to Law, from Product Development to Advertising, we had one clear common goal to reach: provide a cheaper and reliable vet care solution for pet owners across the globe.

When one considers the costs when it comes to pet food and veterinarian care, providing the essential and necessary ingredients for a healthy lifestyle to our beloved pets has become month after month, and year after year, an increasing expense. We, as a team, felt this problem straight to the heart as we’re humans who believe furry companions (and furless too) are a vital part of families, brightening up our everyday.

Launched in the middle of September 2020, our app boasts an innovative approach to veterinarian consultations and fosters a pet care culture that includes veterinarians in all the processes that define the development of the app core tools, each of them devoted to helping pet owners in need of assistance. Therefore, since September, asking for vet advice has become extremely fast and reliable, just one tap away, right in the comfort of your house.

Consulting vets from home is a win-win situation for pet owners and veterinarians themselves. On one hand, it consistently helps to save up money and time, being sure to double-check the urgency of the pet symptoms before rushing to a vet. On the other hand, it prevents clinics from getting crowded, ensuring a first-line of help to those pets in need of timely treatments.

Download KeepPet app - Ask a vet any question about your pet

We couldn’t be more proud of the mobile app we currently have in our hands. In fact, it already generated massive feedback from the users who reached us to receive information on the symptoms shown by their pets.

Besides the positive response from our audience, we’re so glad to say that we’ve been contacted by hundreds of veterinarians interested in our project and in joining our pet care revolution. The cooperation with chosen vets already proved itself to be a great success. Selected pet care professionals have helped us to improve our online presence with the recent establishment of curated communications over social media with articles and posts, either covering key topics (as COVID-19 and Wildfires in the US) or giving daily tips for pet care.

And that’s not all!

What makes us happy is to see the working hours of our veterinarians increasing, week after week. This is a signal that our objective to become a service covering the full day is slowly becoming a reality.

We don’t want to stop here. KeepPet has just started to enter the lives of our followers and more projects and plans to integrate them into our daily operations are about to come.

We dream of an easy pet care, reliable and accessible from any area of the globe. Even though we’ve just started from Los Angeles and California, the indicators, and, most of all, the participation from our follower base, tell us that wider horizons can be reached.