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Digital pet passport with telehealth service on your phone
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KeepPet is the app leading to a telehealth veterinary revolution that aims to change the way we take care of our animal companions. KeepPet provides vet consultations in Online Chats and Video calls format. Get quick and reliable answers from practice veterinarians anytime, anywhere!

KeepPet simplifies check-ups of cats, dogs and any common domesticated pet, allowing to chat with veterinarians directly on your phone. Start a chat or video call with certified veterinarian at KeepPet. The app boasts a global network of certified veterinarians that will ensure timely answers in a blink of an eye. Just search for a vet and start your consultation in a matter of seconds.

KeepPet is a mobile and handy solution available to you whether you have a busy schedule at work or you’re about to enjoy a deserved vacation. KeepPet is always ready to provide constant support for your cat and dog and help to avoid unnecessary appointments to the vet clinic.Subscribing your companion means to create a global and digital pet passport that can be shared within the KeepPet’s global veterinarian network and, therefore, become easily accessible in any moment of need from any location. You can keep your pet’s data in one place.

KeepPet app - your online vet

Using KeepPet Digital Passport and Telehealth service is easy:

  1. Launch the app to insert your pet data and automatically create your digital pet passport;
  2. Navigate to “Veterinarian” and tap the button to start searching for a vet;
  3. Whenever starting an online consultation, your pet passport will be visible to the desired remote veterinarian.

Unsure of your pet’s symptoms?
Contact our veterinarians to have advice in relation to:

  • Pet nutrition
  • Pet dental care
  • Pet infectious disease
  • Pet poisoning
  • Pet's unusual behaviour
  • Pet's injuries & recovery

KeepPet is a globally 24/7 active service for anytime you need counselling on your pet health or you’re unsure whether to visit the vet clinic or not.
We recommend using this app to diagnose the symptoms and unusual behaviours found in your pet.

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